Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wings of Wonder

She sits on the top of precious petals
Doing her thing, she doesn't meddle.
Naturally going about her daily business
Sucking on nectar, on all the richness,

That Mother Earth provided for her.
Pollinating along, while she travels
So she can help plants to reproduce
And later on you'll see all her fruits.

From the labor of these flying flowers.
They demonstrate their divinely powers,
In such way, I cannot comprehend.
It's a cycle that doesn't end.

I embrace these small wings of wonder
Throughout earth they glide to wander
A ubiquitous journey of their own.
Leaving a display, a colorful show.

October 31, 2013


I have numerous poems. Many in haiku and senryu format. Many took a life of it's own - lots of spiritual ones.


Rumor Senryu

He said, that she said,
they said, that we said, that you
said, it's all hearsay.,

I posted this on facebook yesterday (Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013)

Where are we going?
Unlike Nature we are rushed.
Unlike the seasons.
 March 19 at 12:26am near Bristol
When I was working full-time and a supposed permanent job, I felt rushed, I was also a full-time mommy with 3 children. There was no time for me. I tried but I was exhausted.
 March 19 at 12:26am near Bristol