Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Empty House

This is the poem I read at The Russell.  Where open-mic is held every Monday.  I wanted to do something different for my birthday and share my feelings as well:

The Empty House

I am empty and need 
some tender loving care. 
 I have many scattered weeds 
and plenty of space to share.

Vines are creeping around me, 
taking over my foundation. 
Soon I will need debris removed
and maybe some restoration.

My structure is pretty much intact, 
 The furnace is over 30 years old. 
But having a few cracks 
shouldn’t prevent me from being sold.

 Some painting and trimming 
would improve my appearance. 
I have no pool for swimming 
or even a garden with a white fence.

But this shouldn’t keep a family 
from showing some interest. 
Since I have four beautiful trees 
that make up for the rest

I have been on the market 
for as long as I remember. 
No one has bought me yet
 But a family, I will have, come December.

Written on June 25, 2006 

I lived in this home since December 21, 2000. And because of layoff and the in between jobs I am at risk of losing it.  My dilemma is if I let it go it goes into foreclosure, if I sell it I go into an apartment that are more in cost in rent.  Go figure!

My Dilemma

I have been chanting for 3 years now. Amazing things have happened. I see more series of numerical sequences throughout the day. Just today I saw the 777 right to the left of me was a vehicle parked with the license plate 777 as I left Autozone. I associate this as spirit telling me something.  A message from the beyond. I was pissed off at the letter I received today from the serviced of my house loan. I was denied for a modification because my income  I listened to a YouTube video that state this is a "Part of mystery school".  I believe it is telling me that I am to move forward in my evolution sort of speak.  I have a lot to say. I am angry, happy, sad, frustrated.  You name all kinds of feelings. I feel them, let them go and go on with my mundane life. However, there are days the numbers Show up out of No where. I have even started a Number diary to associate my thinking patters or what is happening currently with my life to see if that has anything to do with it.  For now I will leave you with a philosophical Haiku! (My lil passion).

Employment websites
No life purpose presently
Where are you today?

I am between jobs and yes I just finished a temporary assignment.  Enjoyed alot about it.

My big question is how do I save my home from foreclosure?

Do you think my haikus on bumper sticker can sell. It would be a partial solution to save my lil modest home I have lived in for 11 years.  Is the American Dream real or just an illusion?