Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Dilemma

I have been chanting for 3 years now. Amazing things have happened. I see more series of numerical sequences throughout the day. Just today I saw the 777 right to the left of me was a vehicle parked with the license plate 777 as I left Autozone. I associate this as spirit telling me something.  A message from the beyond. I was pissed off at the letter I received today from the serviced of my house loan. I was denied for a modification because my income  I listened to a YouTube video that state this is a "Part of mystery school".  I believe it is telling me that I am to move forward in my evolution sort of speak.  I have a lot to say. I am angry, happy, sad, frustrated.  You name all kinds of feelings. I feel them, let them go and go on with my mundane life. However, there are days the numbers Show up out of No where. I have even started a Number diary to associate my thinking patters or what is happening currently with my life to see if that has anything to do with it.  For now I will leave you with a philosophical Haiku! (My lil passion).

Employment websites
No life purpose presently
Where are you today?

I am between jobs and yes I just finished a temporary assignment.  Enjoyed alot about it.

My big question is how do I save my home from foreclosure?

Do you think my haikus on bumper sticker can sell. It would be a partial solution to save my lil modest home I have lived in for 11 years.  Is the American Dream real or just an illusion?


  1. It's an illusion, only those who believe in it make it real.. just like anything you believe in. I keep envisioning the world better than what the American dream can allow for.

  2. triple 7 = 3 this is the sacred number.. it teaches you to base your actions on a foundation of a great ideal. So I do think you are being told something.