Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I rose this morning
like the sun did, but my rays
weren't reaching me yet.

Praying and vocal
meditation too, then I
became filled with words.

I started my day
filled like a tub with bubbles
of pure joyfulness.

I felt stuck and couldn't find the words via my hand or within, to pour out. I don't like feeling like that because my little poems bring me joy.  It's my second passion next to dancing salsa.  So I did a vocal meditation chant for about 20 minutes wholeheartedly and viola! It worked! It cleared me or cleared the pathways or washed away the gunk in me that was trapping my inner voice/wisdom.

I just added the last senryu because I didn't finish it and I think distraction-itis took over but was happy with my new poem.

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